No Greater Deception
A True Texas Story

Hold onto your bootstraps folks! If you liked Erin Brockovich, you’ll be thoroughly intrigued with the adventures of these two sisters, their knack for investigative work, their family and influential friends in Texas. This is a stirring, humorous and unconventional “true story” about their epics and the Texas Justice System.

Sydney and her sister Heather will take you through their gut wrenching, nerve racking, emotional roller coaster ride that occurs after their father dies and their stepmother produces a Last Will and Testament that leaves the stepmother everything. As the two sisters face their father’s death, an evil stepmother, and a tainted legal system, they introduce themselves to many people along the way while searching for missing pieces of the family puzzle. What they discover makes them question everything they once thought was real.

Is their father the man they think he is? How was he able to buy all the land and mineral rights that he owned? Were his connections to George Bush, Lyndon Johnson, Lady Bird and Joe Bonanno much deeper than they seemed? Was he truly involved in the JFK assassination?

Once considered a normal, upstanding, law abiding, financially distressed family, they learn their family’s friends make them anything but normal. Was it normal for Heather to go swimming in Lady Bird Johnson’s pool? Was it normal for Joe Bonanno to show up at their home? Just how involved was Wes in the gambling and prostitution rings along the Galveston Bay?

What they learn about their stepmother Betty is even more devastating. How did the town whore come to marry their father the Police Chief? Did she kill her only brother and forge her own father’s Will too? Just how many accomplices does she have? Are some of them their own brothers and sisters? What their forensic document expert, Mrs. Higgins, discovers will send chills up and down your spine.

Publisher: 1st Books
ISBN: 1-4140-0976-3 (eBook)
ISBN: 1-4140-0977-1 (Paperback, 600 pgs)
Publication Date: November 2003

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