Newspaper, Television and Radio Interviews

Liz Carpenter

"A real life Texas Soap Opera of Love, Death, Betrayal and Justice. Move over DALLAS, here comes HOUSTON!" says LIZ CARPENTER, Distinguished Author and Lady Bird Johnson WHITE HOUSE Press Secretary (Nov.2003)


Midland Reporter Telegram

"Author Explores Mystery, Scandal," interview by Midland-Reporter Telegram reporter Emily Baker in Midland, Texas(Mar. 2004)


NBC Today Show

"Author Investigates Family Secrets and Conspiracy," LIVE TV interview by Johnnie Lou Avery, KWES TV anchor in Midland, Texas (Apr. 2004)


Houston Chronicle

"Identity Theft by Family and Friends on the Rise," interview by Houston Chronicle reporter Kimberly Blair (Jun. 2004)


Houston Chronicle

"Seminar Helps Seniors Protect Themselves From Identity Theft," interview by Houston Chronicle correspondent Kimberly Blair (Jun. 2004)


Houston Chronicle

"Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft," interview by Houston Chronicle reporter Kimberly Blair (Jun. 2004)


Galveston Daily News

"Texas City Native to Discuss Book on PBS Tonight," interview by Galveston Daily News reporter Ted Streuli in Galveston, Texas (Jun. 2004)


PBS-TV Houston

"Identity Theft and Seniors," LIVE TV interview by Patricia Gras, KUHT TV anchor in Houston, Texas (Jun. 2004)


KYCY "The Edge"

"Identity Theft Runs in the Family," LIVE Radio interview by Kathy Fettke, KYCY 1550 AM "THE EDGE" radio anchor in San Francisco, California following "IMUS in the Morning" (Jul. 2004)



"Identity Theft Author & Expert," Radio interviews by Erika Nelson, WIBW 580 AM radio anchor in Topeka, Kansas (Jul. 2004)


KAKC Business Talk Show

"Identity Theft by Family Members," LIVE Radio interview by Jeff Brucculeri, KAKC 1300 AM radio anchor in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Jul. 2004)


CKLW "Windsor Now with Melanie "

"Identity Theft Soapbox," LIVE Radio interview by Melanie Deveau, CKLW 800 AM radio anchor in Detroit, Michigan (Jul. 2004)


WFLA "The Morning Show"

"Female Corporate Spy Turned Identity Theft Detective," LIVE Radio interview by Preston Scott, WFLA 1270 AM radio anchor in Tallahassee, Florida (Jul. 2004)


"Jan D'Atri Show "

"You Can Ruin My Credit, But Don't Steal My Inheritance," LIVE Radio interview with Jan D'Atri, KFYI AM 550 Newstalk Radio anchor on Fox News Radio in Phoenix, Arizona (Jul. 2004)


"Jack Landman's Cybercity Radio "

"Identity Theft Scams by Black Widow Serial Killer," LIVE Radio interview with Jack Landman, Radio anchor on the IBC Radio Network Worldwide (Jul. 2004)


"The Mom Show "

"Identity Theft Can Be A Family Affair," LIVE Radio interview with Michelle Caldwell and Traci Foster, Radio anchors on the World Talk Radio Network in San Diego, California (Aug. 2004)


"The Everett Newton Show "

"Identity Theft Loopholes in Texas Justice System ," LIVE Radio interview with Everett Newton and Sybil Summers, Radio anchors on the KLLI 105.3 FM in Dallas, Texas (Aug. 2004)


"The Mike Hagan Show "

"Identity Theft, Forgery and Fraud," LIVE Radio interview with Mike Hagan, Radio Orbit anchor on KOPN in Columbus, Missouri (Aug. 2004)


Longview News Journal

"True Crime Bestseller Puts Area on Map ," article and interview by Longview News Journal reporter Sherry Shephard (Sept. 2004)


"America at Night with Ernie Brown"

"Texas Justice and Identity Theft," LIVE interview with Ernie Brown, national syndicated radio anchor broadcasting from the Stardust Resort and Casino in the Town that Never Sleeps, Las Vegas, Nevada(Oct. 2004)


"Raunch Fox and The Morning Cybersickness"

"Black Widow Serial Killer in the Family ," LIVE interview with Raunch Fox, Internet radio anchor of national syndicated Renegade Talk Radio broadcasting from Tempe, Arizona (Oct. 2004)



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